Let’s have a look at the most efficient heating and cooling technology while replacing a thirteen SEER air conditioning system and eighty AFUE with a WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling system.

If you’re in the market for new HVAC equipment, it’s most likely because your current system is nearing its end of life or you’re building a new house and you’re in the process of learning your options. In both scenarios, some level of investment is required.

What is the minimum you would be content with for your house? If you are contemplating geothermal it is very likely that efficiency is imperative to you. If the very least you’d accept is a sixteen SEER air-conditioner coupled with a ninety-two AFUE furnace, it is logical to use that cost as a starting point for examination because it signifies the least amount of money you can devote and still be at ease.

Depending on where you reside, the total cost for a sixteen SEER air conditioner and a ninety-two AFUE system can vary significantly; however, it can reach as much as thirteen thousand in many places. Prices differ greatly depending upon numerous factors (ground composition, topography, size of the house, equipment selected, etc.); however, let us set the price to put in a ground-source heating and cooling system in your home is twenty-five thousand dollars. There is currently a twenty-six percent United States’ Fed. Tax Credit which is set to decrease each year until 2021.

That equates to a six-thousand-five-hundred dollars credited to your taxes; it is not just a deduction. The initial cost difference between a regular system versus a geothermal heating and cooling system is just five-thousand-five-hundred dollars. Your county or municipality may also have additional incentives that will not be factored in this calculation.

Geothermal vs. New Air Conditioning & Furnace (Cost Difference) $5,500
80 AFUE System Vs. Aging 13 SEER: Annual Savings of Geothermal $1,416
Amount of Time To Recoup Investment: 58 months
After 25 Years (average life of GHP[4]) Profit: $40,912

The most efficient heating and cooling technology is geothermal!