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Geothermal Systems – The Future of Residential and Commercial Heating & Cooling

services-tabs-139154408 Earth River Geothermal Inc. is passionate about spreading our enthusiasm for the advent of geothermal heating and cooling systems technology. Geothermal heat pumps exchange a massive amount of thermal energy between the air within one’s home and the earth that surrounds the vertical geothermal loop field.

Cost savings in Geothermal Heating and cooling installations

services-tabs-139154408 The installation of a Geothermal system become inexpensive due to the federal, state and local tax credits, rebates and grants. All together makes Geothermal Heating and cooling solutions a smart financial choice. The cost is recovered as the savings in your energy bills You will get a complete payback through minimized energy bills in a minimum duration of 5 years. In terms of power and output, the Geothermal have 400 to 600 percent efficiency. The best part of the Geothermal system is- it uses less than half of energy than traditional HVAC systems.

Typical Pricing of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Solutions

services-tabs-139154408 Usually, it will cost you between $20,000 and $30,000. The price for a 3-ton Geothermal system is around $20000. After deducting the 30 percent Federal tax credit, the price comes down to only $14000. In Maryland, the tax credits for residential geothermal installations is up to $1000, while for commercial installations is up to $7000. Now, the property tax credit is $2500 for Maryland counties like Anne Arundel County. It further brings down the cost to $9500. There is a tax credit of $5000 for some counties like Howard County. In this way, the cost becomes significantly inexpensive and value for money.

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

services-tabs-139154408 The cost of heating and cooling one’s home accounts for approximately two-thirds of the energy bills for a conventional home. Take advantage of the geothermal tax credits and incentives while they’re still in existance.

Complete Renovation Services

services-tabs-139154408 From minor to major, we take care of every aspect of geothermal heating and cooling installations. For achieving the most efficient solution, we look after the design, size, and placement of geothermal ground looping. We take care of the complete configurations of piping, manifolding, and circulation pumps. After installation, we do a complete inspection for ensuring the system functioning at its best potential and meeting standards.

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