7 Realities About Geothermal Heating And Cooling

With the increase in technology, the rate of false information flies out faster too. Each individual is exposed to various inputs of information, which could lead to preconceived notions. However, it is safe only to trust a professional’s point of view in such matters. Here are 10 common myths and their actualities explained:

As the legend goes, Geothermal equipment does not have the ability to run parallel heating operations but the truth is that it is possible to customize the use of the systems for various operations like heating rooms, swimming pools and even the running water in homes.

It is believed that wind turbines and solar panels work more efficiently in saving money and electricity but in reality geothermal systems increase the electricity savings of wind or solar.

A common misconception is that Geothermal systems are not sustainable since they run on electricity but they actually utilize a very small amount of power as compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

Many think that a Geothermal system could prove to be noisy, making rattling pops and grunts but in fact good quality equipment produces minimal sound and can be camouflaged from viewing as well.

A typical hesitation while gauging Geothermal heating and cooling systems is that the repairs and equipment replacement end up being expensive but if well maintained and serviced periodically the systems last for a long time making it more cost effective.

Much as the name suggests, it is believed that Geo’thermal’ systems can be used only for heating purposes when in fact they perform cooling actions just as well.

Another misconstrued belief is that Geothermal systems rapidly consume a lot of water when in reality the new age equipment work on a filtration process where the water is used and sent back in the cycle.