Geothermal systems are known for being cost effective, environment-friendly heating and cooling systems that provide long-term, budget friendly and effective energy-efficient mechanisms. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has been continually supportive of the implementation of geothermal systems to reduce the pollution created by power plants. An initiative by Barack Obama in 2013 kick started the trend of replacing conventional air-conditioning systems with the highly effective and environmental-friendly technology of the geothermal systems. Geothermal systems are big investments and there are significant upfront costs one must incur; but what remains unchallenged is the guarantee of a pristine system that is the solution to all your heating and cooling problems, one that is a durable fix in comparison to the traditional electric systems. Using direct heating and cooling systems, geothermal systems are the best replacement to the conventional air conditioning systems that are harmful to the environment, and fail the test of durability and sustainability. Using clean sources of renewable energy, these systems work using up to 25-30% less energy. Using groundwater as the primary source of energy along with the heat from the sun, geothermal systems reduces the consumption of energy by expelling hot air from inside your home into the ground below rather than the environment around us, making geothermal cooling a significantly better option. Reduced number of moving parts, looped underground installations and usage of natural resources require lesser maintenance and are increasingly effective when it comes to installing successful heating and cooling systems in smaller spaces without much outdoor space. The underground setup reduces damage costs incurred through vandalism or damage through natural catastrophes. Not only do geothermal systems work as a sustainable resource to the environment, they are highly important in the current economy as well. Power generation is a vast industry revolutionised by new technology; giving way to more jobs and new employment opportunities and in turn globalising the economy on a large scale. A reliable and sustainable investment, geothermal systems impact the consumption of fossil fuels in all its entirety, reducing emissions and helping to achieve local neighbourhood targets of renewable energy. There are established guides in various cities around the States including Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon and Montana that elaborate and emphasise on the importance of geothermal systems and direct attention toward successful implementation around the country. The Clean Power Plan is the beginning to a revolutionary change in the geothermal industry promoting the use and development of a naturally sustainable environment. The EPA’s new rules wish to take this competent system beyond the basics to homes and industries alike, establishing a global revolution in schools, hospitals, buildings and factories. Geothermal systems are an inevitable change that must be established in our lives to make life easy and comfortable while sustaining the earth that gives us life and sustains us in return.