The Internet of things is no longer a distant possibility. Things ranging from your washing machine to your lights and fans at home, to even your shoes will have an internet connection. Control of these things will be in your hands. Your phone will act as a server through which you’ll be able to control these things. Vice-versa, the devices will feed you with essential data. So, you can tell your washing machine to start washing your clothes while you type away at your office desk. this complex technology has been simplified for everyday use.   Today, we struggle in our efforts to accommodate technological progress with conserving our environment. Though there are some systems for your house which help you use eco-friendly technology but also helps reduce your energy bills. Presenting the new age HVAC system.   HVAC uses geothermal energy and performs three of the most important tasks to keep your house habitable: heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. While doing these three tasks, an HVAC system ought to be efficient too. We can compare your old system to an old car. If not maintained properly, the car would utilize gas inefficiently. This will not only increase pollution but also increase your gas bills. Black smoke billows out of the car whenever you take it out of your driveway, engulfing the entire area with unbearable soot. In short, your car is not efficient.   Energy efficiency problems plague HVAC systems too. The solution lies in Wi-Fi connectivity. In the past, it would be too late before everyone at home realized that their ventilation system was giving them problems because by then the system would stop cooling. If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, it can notify you of various problems. For example, the moment your filter gathers dust or is in dire need of replacement or your heat pump isn’t working, the system can send you a text on your phone notifying you of the same.   Also, your system can provide you with various statistics. For example, the amount of energy it has consumed and the estimated energy usage for the week. It can also offer you suggestions based on your daily usage habits so that you can save on your power bills. This is the true power of the internet.   With wireless internet, you can also set your system to heat or cool the house before you enter, stressing on convenience instead of making you go to the regulator and adjust the temperature settings. You can set the temperature on your phone as per your convenience, and from wherever you are, thanks to your Wi-Fi-enabled HVAC system.   An electricity saving box has its limits. If you really want to save more electricity, it is a good decision to invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled system. Be a power saver. Buy a New Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat with Onboard Wifi Option thermostat today!