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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Headquartered in Central Maryland, we provide a complete solution for geothermal heating and cooling systems. We are a local-based company, who has been in the business for a long time. We help people in utilizing this renewable energy efficiently for the purpose of heating and cooling their homes.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced and ardent technicians, Contractors, well drillers and HVAC industry experts utilize their potential to the fullest extent of delivering an unmatched quality of work. The team works under the expert supervision of company’s president Mark Schultz. He attends client to know their requirements, so, he can guide the team for delivering the best to them.

Mark Schultz, P.G.
Mark Schultz, P.G.President
Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology, Allegheny College
Master of Science Degree in Hydrogeology, Kent State University (1973)
Certified Professional Geologist
National Water Well Association Member
Certified Geosystems Installer, Accredited Geothermal Installer – International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s GeoExchange
Installed first residential geothermal heating and cooling system in 1997
Advisory Board Member, Maryland Clean Energy Center
Member, Chesapeake Tech Council
Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, Rated A, BBB Accredited Business

Recent Works

In the past, we have installed geothermal heating and cooling systems to hundreds of homes and offices. We have a huge list of gratified clients. You will find some of them on our testimonials. Due to our exceptional services, they have achieved new milestones in energy conservation. They have also referred us to their friends and relatives. Our Environment friendly technology has helped American people to reduce Carbon Footprints; thus, making this great country- A better place to live.


Our Customers’ Reviews

“I thought Earth River Geothermal did an excellent job! We had a vertical heat pump put in by them replaces a two heat pump system in our house. They were professional and efficient in getting the job done, and everything has been working great. They also were very helpful in getting all the paper work done for the grants/tax rebates.”

Jenny Z.

“My family decided to replace our aging heating. air conditioning system with Geothermal a couple of years ago, and have been extremely happy with the decision ever since. Mark Schultz and his team at Earth River Geothermal were extremely professional in recommending the right system for our house, the installation was a breeze and the system itself has performed flawlessly. The house stays more evenly heated in the winter and cools down quickly in the summer time without the noise of an outside unit. Our energy savings have been dramatic and we sure don’t miss the old oil truck pulling up and the bills that followed. We also feel good that we are doing our share to reduce pollution. Mark has been very responsive in the service arena which means a lot. As a local business man he really cares about his craft and is more knowledgable when it comes to geothermal than any of the other companies we originally obtained quotes from. Whether you are replacing an old system or doing new construction, Earth River Geothermal is a great call!”

Robert B.

“BOTTOM LINE: Very Happy!
Its been 1 year since my Earth River Geothermal system was install and replaced my 45 year old oil furnace and my 11 year old heat pump with a clean, quiet, energy efficient geothermal system. My total cost for the system after more then $10,000 in fed, state, county rebates was about $13,000. My fuel oil alone was costing $3,000 annually (based on 2012 pricing). My annual electric bill actually decreased. I no longer have a 275 gallon fuel oil tank in my basement and the associated odor, noise and carbon monoxide hazard from burning oil. Also gone is the noisy outside heat pump unit. What’s not to like!”


“I engaged Mark Schultz and his team to install a Geothermal HVAC system in my home in Annapolis. The process from start to finish was made easy by their level of expertise. I had, two years earlier, done the same, in a home in Rehoboth Beach using a different company and although that system works great the process and follow up needed was painful. Not with Mark and the folks at Earth River, first class owner and team who do first class work. The savings are what was projected and help with the paperwork to get the rebates was appreciated. Money well spent.”

James A.

“Earth River Geothermal with Bair Necessities and Winslow Well drilling did a great job … I highly recommend Mark Schultz.”

Ed J.

“Installing a Geothermal system from Earth River Geothermal was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being an Engineer myself, I really appreciated Mark Schultz’s knowledge on everything. If you want someone who will spec out a system to fit your needs exactly, Mark is the one. Combined with the installation by Bair Necessities, the system came together flawlessly. We have had our system for about 3 years now, and have saved 70% on our heating and cooling costs, which works out to $2,000 saved each year. Geothermal is a great investment, and I HIGHLY recommend Mark Schultz and Earth River Geothermal and the contractors that he uses.”

Craig C.

“Mark Schultz and team (Bair/Winslow) installed our geothermal system in July 2010 replacing the original (1978) oil furnace. All of the folks involved were very conscientious and easy to work with. I can’t say enough about Mark’s patience as I asked an awful lot of questions given the size of the investment. The various tax credits made it an easy decision financially. The green nature of the project is all icing on the cake! Our unit has performed flawlessly and we are very pleased with the ongoing cost. In Maryland, I think the bigger savings comes from the summer when we have a much more comfortable house at half the old cost for AC.”

Skip N.

“I could not be happier with the entire process of having a Geothermal HVAC system installed in my home, replacing my oil furnace. The idea of geothermal was intriguing to me; Mark Schultz was very helpful in answering my many questions.

Earth River geothermal worked seamlessly with Bair necessities and Winslow well and pump, planning and installing the system, from permits to operation, as well as walking me through the paperwork necessary to obtain the over $10,000 in rebates from B.G.E., AA County, Md, and the Feds.
Geothermal is the way to go, and I highly recommend Mark Schultz and Earth River Geothermal.”

William L.

“We are delighted with the new system. The house is more comfortable than ever before, and the system is completely unobtrusive. It’s so quiet I can’t tell when the blower is on.”

J. Carley

“We’ve been very pleased over the last few days with the system. Between the geothermal and zoning, our house has never been more comfortable.”

B. Wuerdemann

“Since you know I like to collect data on my new system, we now have an entire year with our new system so I thought I would share our savings with you. Obviously, the weather was not identical each year, but the overall average is pretty close. In the 12 months before we got the system, our total electric cost was $5,168.98. Of that, $3,368.98 was the heating/cooling portion.

In the 12 months following the installation of the geo system, our total electric cost was $3,321.77. Of that, $1,521.77 was the heating/cooling portion.

So, our new system lowered our overall electric bill about 35%, but more impressively, it cut our heating/cooling costs more than in half (it lowered our heating/cooling costs about 55%). And the best part is that we got to keep our house a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter, so we could have saved even more keeping the same setpoints at the old system. Plus, we never run out of hot water now. So, bottom line, if we keep saving on average at this rate, after you take the tax credits, grants, and projected cost of replacing our initial bad air handler, our projected return on this investment will be 8 years. Needless to say, we are very happy with our decision to do this.”

E. Wagner, Your Content Goes Here

“Great service and good quality. Mark initially spoke as knowledgeable of both the mechanics and the geology that this type of job [entails]. He also stepped up immediately to tackle concerns that I had and was very responsive. [The geothermal heating and cooling system] performed as expected saving a fair amount of money on electricity while increasing overall comfort.”

R. B.

“Our energy costs are about 1/3 less … We are keeping the house several degrees warmer this winter than before, and the temperature during winter months has averaged a couple of degrees colder. So the comparison is even better!”

H. G.

“We think ERG is superb… Our energy costs are lower after the retrofit. We would recommend Earth River Geothermal to a neighbor or friend any time it comes up. Plus we’ll take reference calls from your prospects. It’s not a big deal if they come out of the blue; just send me a quick email [before they call].”

K. Avery

“We are very happy, satisfied and pleased with our system, the service and the company Earth River. I have already spoken to several of your potential customers and would be happy to continue doing that for you…We are very happy for your help in getting us a better grant from MES than we were originally told we would get. Mark is great about communication on all these things. Thanks again!”

D. S.

“Mark has been great at responding to all my questions; that, and the ability to have one contract, sold me on Earth River.”

B. D.

“Geothermal heating is a ‘no brainer’… We can continue to enjoy the house, be more energy efficient, and have a greener planet. We’re trying to make a little bit of [a] difference.”Your Content Goes Here

J. M.

“We were pleased with the year to year comparison this first [full post-install] month. Even after accounting for a three degree higher than average temperature. 11 therms versus 134 therms is rather compelling. Our bill was $263 lower despite what I’d imagine are equal or higher per-therm prices year over year… The incalculable soft benefit was that this year we maintained a comfortable 70°F whereas last year we did the typical thermostat gymnastics and would allow it to get a bit chilly at times. Pun definitely intended, we’re rubbing our hands together anticipating a cold month’s savings!”

D. P.

“We decided to use Earth River because of Mark: his integrity, other values and technical smarts. His responsiveness to my multitude of technical questions.. plus, his pricing beat the pants off of [the competition].”

B. D.

“All has been good. I would be happy to serve as a reference.”

M. B.

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